Sustainable farming in Bali



Pig farming business in Bali is very potential as the level of its consumption of the people in the island – of which not only used for self consumption but also as part of the ceremonies in villages – is high. However, this high level of consumption is not in line with the interest of the people in developing the pig farms. There are several factors that may cause the lack of interest of developing pig farms, among others are due to the fact that the selling price of pigs is low whereas the maintenance cost including the feeding and health issues is high, and; poor farming system. Several conventional pig farms raise their pigs in small, filthy, damp pigpens and apply a poor waste management system.  

We, PT. Bali Highlands Organik, always enforce social entrepreneurship principle in our operational activities in which we always prioritize innovations and local natural resources empowerment, take into account local issues and its solutions, and adapt to the local situations and inputs from the surrounding area.

PT. BHO is currently applying a free range farming system of which the pigs are let free and are not locked in narrow pens. It is believed that this system is far better as the pigs can run freely and do their natural activities such as running and digging.  Meanwhile, waste management is also easily managed as the waste can directly used as fertilizer. We want to show the local farmers that this system can work well as well as financially rewarding.

To be able to provide healthy benefits for the farmers and a good quality of life for the pigs, we need at least 30 (thirty) pigs and 1 (one) hectare of non-productive land/farm. Therefore, to run this program, we and the farmers open an opportunity to anyone who would like to adopt one farm or more by funding the farm/s.  

This adoption system is intended to assist and support the pig farmers who want to participate in the partnership program with PT. BHO. In addition, this system also shows to the communities that free range system does not only take into account the life of the animals but also can provide benefits to the farmers. In the future, we expect the farmers to be more independent as well as pay more attention to the health and condition of their farms and pigs. 

This can benefit our partners as the reliable CSR programme or part of your social marketing campaign as we are flexible regarding the partnership system. Make it your farm!
One of our partner's farm in Karangasem

One of our partner's farm in Karangasem