What drives us forward


Started in 2013, PT Bali Highlands Organik is  a free range pig farm and butchery located in panoramic eastern side of Bali.

We pride ourselves for having the highest standard of sustainable organic free - range pig farm in Bali. Ranging from fresh meat, to processed meat.

We want to provide our family with the best possible meal, with that in mind, we carry that idea throughout everything that we do.

Welcome to the happiest pig farm in Bali

Free-range farm is very challenging, that’s why we are so proud as the pioneer of this kind of farming in Bali. We now supply hotels and restaurants across Bali, as well as happy loyal friends and followings. With no animal byproducts, our pigs are vegetarian fed, no growth hormone, no antibiotics, and no artificial chemicals. Both the pigs and the meat are regularly lab tested to ensure the highest health and safety standard

Social entrepreneurship is at the heart of our company. We make sure the delicious meal we bring to the table will also provide the local community with the livelihood they can be proud of